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 Centrifugal Castings


Vijay specializes in centrifugal casting if all grades in grey cast iron, spheroidal iron, chilled cast iron & Ni-Hard. All castings & cylinder liners are produced as per specific requirements to suit particular applications of the end users.


Pressure Rolls of Corrugated paper board

:: Cylinder Liners

Ni-Hard Castings

:: All other castings
Manufacturing Range
Diameter Up to 32 inches or 810 mm
Length Up to 72 inches or 1800 mm
Material Specifications Process Hardness
Grey Cast Iron Centrifugal Spun Cast 150 - 300 HB
Chilled Cast Iron Centrifugal Spun Cast 450 - 550 HB
Ni-Hard Centrifugal Spun Cast 500 - 650 HB
Spheroidal Cast Iron Centrifugal Spun Cast 180 - 350 HB